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Painless and Scarless Transplants
100% Natural Looking Hair

Restore Your Hair With Organic Hair Transplant!

The hair transplantation is performed in a private hospital with sterile operating room environment with an expert team of four under the supervision of Dr. Emre Çiçek.

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    FUE Plus Method
    FUE Plus Method
    After our hair transplant operation with the latest technology equipments, you will get strong hair with natural appearance.
    DHI Technique
    DHI Technique
    DHI technique is a lot more comfortable when compared to other transplantations, moreover it is cut-free and scarless.
    ETG Method
    ETG Method
    Designed for stopping the hair loss and reviving the hair by using electric charge.
    Hairlaser Method
    Hairlaser Method
    Nourishes hair follicles by increasing mitochondrial ATP energy levels in cells with LLL treatment.

    Dr. Who is Emre Cicek?

    Medikal Estetik Hekim

    Born in 1976, Emre Çiçek graduated from Fırat University Faculty of Medicine in 1998. Mauricio De Maio; Switzerland La Prairie Clinic Roland Ney; Dr. Herve Raspaldo and Dr. She attended the workshop and seminar of Koenraad De Boulle. Facts (Lip cheek nasolabial glabellar tear trough etc.)

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    A New You With Hair Transplant

    Your hair will restore its naturalness 6-8 months after hair transplantation.

    Hair transplant operation is performed in a private hospital under local anesthesia in an operating room environment for 6-8 hours, not in a hair transplantation center! Patients complete the operation comfortably without pain.

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    Hair Transplant in Istanbul

    Hair Transplants with the Latest Technology Equipments

    After our hair transplant operation with the latest technology equipments, you will get strong hair with natural appearance.

    Vibrant and Natural Hair
    Painless and Scarless Operation
    No Hair Loss
    Performed by our Expert Team.
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    Recovery is completed 15 days after the hair transplantation and it is not understood that the patient has hair transplants.

    Within 15 Days The Scars Disappear
    After 3 Months, New Hair Begins To Grow
    Within 9-12 Months Completely Natural Look
    No Side Effects
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    Trust Us About Hair, Mustache, Eyebrow and Sideburn Transplantation

    In addition to hair transplantation, we also perform eyebrow, beard, mustache, and sideburn transplants with our expert team.

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    Beard & Mustache Transplant

    You can get your beard / mustache that does not grow or shed by transplanting.

    Eyebrow Transplant

    You can regain your spilled or not injured eyebrows with eyebrow transplantation.

    Favorite Planting

    You can regain your spilled or non-scarring favorites by transplanting.

    Our Videos About Hair Transplantation

    You can check out our channel for Emre Çiçek’s speech on the TV8 program and more.

    End to Spills and Root Loss!

    Root Nutritive Supplement Applications

    Thanks to root nourishing and strengthening supplement applications, you will get rid of spills.

    Hair Lost Therapy
    Hair Lost Therapy

    It is the application of intravenous blood to the balding or sparse area after performing special studies under laboratory conditions in people with hair loss complaints and hair loss.

    Hair Filler
    Hair Filler

    Hair filling is a method that can be applied to both women and men, which stops the hair loss and strengthens the thinned hair again.

    Hair Mesotherapy
    Hair Mesotherapy

    It is the injection of vitamins, minerals that nourish the hair follicles and natural medicines that increase blood circulation into the hair follicles in the skin with the help of very thin 4 mm special needles.

    Let's Answer Your Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

    We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions about hair transplantation. Please contact us if you have another question.

    I Have a Different Question

    Hair transplantation is performed by a team of 4 in an operating room environment in a private hospital with sterile conditions. The important issue here is not that whether it is done in the patient rooms of the private hospitals, in the polyclinics or in any ordinary hospital room, but that hair transplantation is performed in operating rooms containing special cleaning systems such as HEPA filter, which complies with the asepsia antisepsis procedure and provides sterile surgical conditions.

    * Balding cases due to burns and surgical scars

    * Male-pattern hair loss

    * Congenital (inherent) local hair loss

    * Infection related local hair loss

    * Hair loss caused by excessive pulling (due to tight bun in women) (Tractional alopecia)

    * Psychological disorders called trichotillomania, in which the hair is constantly pulled and plucked with tic disorder (trichotillomania).

    Dense, frequent or sparse hair in the area below the line where the upper border of your ear joins in A-2.

    B-Picking the hair follicles (grafts) wholly and cleaning the graft epithelium as much as possible: Requires experience, knowledge and skill.

    C-Natural and convenient channels for grafts: The reason for the holes formed at the hair roots is large channels opened in the wrong directions; tiny channels opened in the right direction make your hair follicles look natural.

    After FUE hair transplantation, dark black and reddish scabs appear in the operated area. You can avoid this by washing your head 2 times a day in the morning and evening. Within 7-10 days, the scabs dissapear completely. 15 days after the operation, nobody can understand that the patient has hair transplants. After hair transplantation, the transplanted hair begins to fall out from 15 days to 3 months. Then there isn’t any change in appearance until 3 months. New hair begins to grow around 6 months later. Later, it takes about 9-12 months for all the hair to grow. As a result, the hair that can be combed in all directions and nobody can understand that the person has hair transplants.

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